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Protective Security Window Film: A Strong, Safe and Simple Solution

Innovative Window Films in Adelaide are experts in the supply and installation of protective security film for glass windows and doors. This provides an effective barrier against broken glass caused by attempted break-ins or vandalism, as well as offering an extra layer of defence against damage caused by storms and extreme weather. In addition, anti-vandal window film can protect both domestic and commercial premises against the damage caused by scratching and graffiti. Visit the extensive Innovative Window Films showroom on Sir Donald Bradman Drive and the staff there will be happy to give you the benefit of their expert advice. 

Glass is a valuable asset. It enhances the look of your home, is crucial to an attractive window display a commercial setting, and is also vital to the security of your business premises. Therefore, protecting the glass in your doors and windows is essential.

At Innovative Window Films, we are experts in the supply, fitting and installation of protective security film, and we provide both homeowners and business premises with a wide range of window films that can strengthen your glass, making it more resistant to breaking and shattering, and that can also protect your windows and doors against vandalism and graffiti.

Protective Security Film

Protective security film is an extremely tough, yet completely clear film that can be installed on top of the glass in your doors and windows, and which forms a strong layer of protection against glass being broken or shattered.

Protects against break-ins
The film is strong enough to stand up to considerable force, and makes smashing through a window in order to force entry into domestic or business premises an extremely daunting task. Breaking the glass can only be achieved through a long, sustained and noisy effort—something most burglars look to avoid—and even if they do succeed in fracturing the glass, entry through the broken area is still not easy or straightforward.

Protective film keeps broken fragments of glass in place and the adhesive quality of the security film means that a broken window or door still retains some of its structural integrity, and clear access through a large, open area of the window or door isn’t possible.

Protects in extreme weather
Burglary, of course, isn’t the only cause of broken glass—extreme weather can also be responsible. Protective window film therefore provides an additional layer of defence against flying debris and broken tree branches that can provide a safety hazard during a storm or strong winds. Should damage to your glass occur, however, during an heavy storm, protective window film holds the fragments of glass together, reducing the risk of injury to person and property by flying broken glass.

Protects children and the elderly
Glass and siding doors look great inside your home, but they can pose a potential safety hazard. It’s not uncommon for over-exuberant kids to crash through a sliding door, nor for the elderly to not see one clearly and so walk into it. However, a layer of security film on interior glass doors means that, even in the worst case scenario, a person walking or running into a glass door is highly unlikely to be able to break it, thereby preventing them from being injured, and protecting you from an expensive and time-consuming clean up job.

No dangerous shards of broken glass
As well as the damage caused to your premises by a broken window, there can also be a knock-on effect, namely shards of broken glass that can get into your carpets, furniture and throughout your home. Security window film helps to protect you against this further layer of inconvenience and expense, because glass that is protected by security doesn’t shatter into dangerous shards—rather, it breaks into small blocks that are far less harmful and can be cleaned up and removed far more easily, and so you don’t have to be concerned about standing on small slivers of glass months after your window was broken.

Anti-scratch and Anti-graffiti Window Film

Vandalism to your windows, such as scratching or graffiti, can really spoil the look of any glass, and brings with it substantial replacement costs as well as enormous inconvenience.

Security film installed over the glass in your windows and provides an extra layer of protection. It is tough and highly resistant to scratches and gouges, but should a very determined vandal succeed in managing to scratch or carve something onto your window (which requires a great amount of effort!), they are actually only succeeding in scratching the protective film, leaving the glass underneath untouched. Damaged film can then easily be removed and replaced, and your valuable glass is untouched.

Likewise the scourge of the spray-painted ‘tag.’ These can be incredibly unsightly, damage the image of your premises, and are almost impossible to remove using conventional methods—specialist equipment and materials are often required, which again means additional expense.

However, a layer of protective film on your windows means that these unsightly additions can be removed quickly and easily, and a new layer of film immediately put into place, so that there is no need for your glass to be vulnerable for any length of time.

Protective window film doesn’t only have a an application for glass in windows and doors—it can be applied to any smooth or stainless steel surface that is at risk of scratching, gouging or graffiti, such as:

  1. restroom surfaces and mirrors
  2. lift interiors and doors
  3. stairwells

Scratch Removal Service
In addition to supplying anti-vandal window film, at Innovative Window Films we also provide a scratch removal service, so should you have glass in place that has unfortunately already been damaged, we can help you to restore it to its former glory.

Innovative Window Films are the Adelaide experts in protective security and anti-vandal window films.  Come and visit our showroom in Cowandilla to discuss your needs, and we can advise you on our full range of security film solutions.

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