Car Window Tinting

Car window tints are our specialty, and our tints and films can help to protect your car and passengers from the sun’s harmful rays. They are also shatter resistant.

Car glass tints also improve the look and style of your car, which adds resale value.We can also protect your car interior and extend the life of your fabric, leather or vinyl upholstery or dashboard. They can be protected against spilled liquids, dirt and mud, and fading caused by the sun.

We also have window tints and films for your boat or caravan as well, so if your family holidays could do with a fresh outlook, call us to find out what we can do to help you spruce up your tired van or boat.

  • 99% protection from the sun’s harmful rays
  • improve the look of your car, boat or caravan
  • protect your car interior from fading
  • shatter resistant
  • lifetime warranty


We’ve all suffered that shock to the system that occurs when you first climb into your car after it has spent the day sitting in the summer sun, while everyone has experienced the fatigue that can kick in when driving in an excessively hot car for any length of time.

Car window tints can help you to address these problems, allowing you to feel more comfortable when you’re driving, while also having benefits for the long-term maintenance of your car. At Innovative Window Films, we use the latest and most advanced window tinting technology so that heat and ultra-violet light are blocked out, while at the same time maintaining total visibility and ensuring that the colour and appearance of objects is not altered.

In addition, tinting on your car windows keeps the interior cooler in the summer, by reducing the heat that passes through your windows. No more trying to drive with a steering wheel that’s too hot to touch, and no more shifting uncomfortably in your seat because the upholstery is red-hot. A significantly cooler car also cuts down on the need to run your air conditioning as often and for as long, increasing fuel efficiency.

Being more comfortable when you drive also reduces driver fatigue. Spending a long period of time sitting in a hot vehicle can be exhausting and we all know the dangers of driver fatigue, particularly on long journeys or on country roads. Window tints can however make the driving experience more comfortable, meaning you become less tired and therefore, a safer, more assured driver.

Of course, it’s not only the driver who needs protection form the sun’s glare when you’re out and about in the car. Living in Australia, we all understand the harmful effect of UV rays in causing skin cancers, but it’s not only at the beach that we should be aware of this. Driving for any length of time in a car where the sun is able to shine through unimpeded can also present a danger. Our tints and films offer 99% protection against harmful UV rays and therefore can decrease your risk of skin cancer and reduce premature skin ageing if you spend long periods in the car, not only in the summer but in winter too, as ultra-violet rays from the sun are present all year round.

As well as protecting you and your family, car window tints also protect the valuable interior of your car from fading, cracking and premature ageing, keeping your upholstery in a much better condition for longer, preserving its life as well as the value of your car. Window films are also scratch resistant, meaning that you are safeguarded against damage and vandalism. Additionally, professionally manufactured and installed window tints will enhance the overall look and appearance of your car, adding to its resale value.

At Innovative Window Films, all of our car window tints come with a lifetime guarantee, so you can be assured of the quality of our products, the professionalism of our installation, and a high standard of after-sales service and customer care. We guarantee that our window tints won’t fade, turn purple, crack or bubble (nothing looks worse!), as we use high-quality adhesives that form a thin yet incredibly strong bond with the glass, meaning that no matter the sort of temperatures it is exposed to, your film will stay clear and free from distortion and remain in pristine condition.

Our long experience in the business also means that you can be sure that your window tints are compliant with current state regulations regarding the darkness of a tint. We adhere to and follow the standards established by the South Australian Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure, so there is no risk of a window tint that we install making your car unroadworthy.

Our car window tints are available in a wide range of finishes, styles and shades of tinting and so visit our website or come in to see us at our extensive Cowandilla showroom, where we can advise you about our full range and help you to find a car window tint that best suits your needs, vehicle and lifestyle.