Energy Efficient Window Film

At Innovative Window Films, we install energy efficient window films that improve your home insulation, reduce your energy costs and are more cost-effective than double glazing.

This means that for Adelaide homeowners who have poorly-insulated windows, you can significantly increase the comfort of your home during both a cold winter and a blisteringly hot summer, while at the same time cutting down on the need to run heating or air conditioning. This greatly improves the comfort levels in your home while reducing the amount of power you use, enhancing your energy efficiency and saving you considerable amounts of money.

Having your windows and glass doors coated with energy efficient film is a significantly cheaper alternative to installing double-glazing, as there is no need to replace all of the existing glass in your home. Instead, energy efficient window film is used to coat your existing windows and glass doors, resulting in greatly reduced installation costs, with the ongoing benefit of having a more energy efficient home, office or retail premises that costs you less to insulate.

Alternatively, new homes can have windows and door glass coated with energy efficient film as part of the building process more simply and cheaply than having double glazing installed throughout the house.

At Innovative Window Films, we install products from leading names in the industry, including energy efficient window films manufactured by Australian company Enerlogic.


Window films significantly reduce the heat transfer that occurs through glass windows and doors in your home. This means that in a hot Adelaide summer, the entry of harmful UV rays and heat into your home is reduced, making it cooler and limiting the need for air conditioning and energy consumption.

During the winter months, energy efficient films still enable the sun’s natural light and warmth to enter, allowing you to get as much natural heat into your home s possible, but then, more importantly, prevent it from escaping. This increased winter U-value is the key to heat retention, as it means you’re not having to use energy to heat your home for as long or as often. There is the added benefit that from the inside, energy efficient window film is virtually invisible, which means sunlight can still enter but harmful UV rays are kept out

Our energy efficient window films don’t just improve your home energy efficiency during extremes of weather, however—they are low-emissivity (low-e) films that are effective at maintaining a comfortable home environment all year round.


Because our energy efficient window films are lighter than other varieties of window film, windows and glass are not darkened to the same extent, meaning there is no compromise on appearance. For Adelaide shop fronts, retail and commercial premises where there are window displays or the need to have a clear view of the interior, our energy efficient films are ideal as they don’t affect the overall appearance of your glass frontage or reduce visibility.

The improved insulation afforded by our films also significantly cuts the running costs of any office or business premises by reducing the use of heating and air conditioning, making your energy consumption more efficient and shrinking the size of your power bills.

In addition, our energy efficient window films comply with commercial 6-star rating requirements, and there is the added bonus that they also act as a safety film, in the case of a window breaking or shattering, affording you additional protection.

Similarly, if you have a house where conventionally-tinted windows may alter its appearance to too great an extent, energy efficient window films, because they are lighter, offer an aesthetically-pleasing alternative that still allows you to achieve significant improvement in your insulation without compromising the look, style and architectural integrity of your home.