Frosted and Decorative Window Films

Frosted and decorative window films can be used in either a commercial environment or in the home.

Glass windows and doors in meeting rooms, waiting areas and offices can all be made to look more interesting with decorative window films. They improve privacy but don’t block out natural light, and can be personalised with your company logo.

At home, frosted or decorative window films on sliding doors and windows increase safety by reducing the chance of children accidentally running or walking into a glass door or window.

You can also liven up your bathroom by putting decorative window film on a shower screen, or improve the look of your glass partitions and sliding doors with one of our frosted films. This means that you can really personalise the look of your home.


Decorative frosted film for windows and doors is extremely versatile and has a wide variety of applications, making it a practical, durable and attractive choice for Adelaide home or business owners. Whether it be to increase privacy, enhance a room’s appearance, or to reenergise your corporate look, frosted window film is the ideal practical and affordable solution both at home and in the office.

Frosted film can be applied to windows, doors, or any smooth glass surface, and is a specially treated film that contains finely-ground glass dust which recreates the look and feel of traditional frosted glass, but at a fraction of the cost. Like frosted and etched glass, window film comes in a variety of different textures and hues, and can also be customised to include attractive decorative patterns, or corporate and business logos. However, window film has the advantage of being applied directly to your existing glass, so a wide range of looks and design concepts can be achieved without the need to replace your home or office windows and doors.

Around the home, frosted film on windows and doors enhances your privacy in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, or any room or space with outward facing glass. The frosted glass effect prevents your windows being seen through, even in the evening with the lights on, but at the same time it continues to allow light to pass through during daylight hours, so there’e no need to sacrifice natural light for the sake of privacy.

Frosted films are also an excellent way of decorating and enhancing the look of your home, and can be used to create patterns or borders on shower screens, glass partitions, windows or balconies. These can range from simple geometric shapes to intricate detailed designs, and we can advise and help you to choose from the enormous range of decorative patterns that we have on display in our showroom. Alternatively, please speak to us about creating your own, custom-made designs.

Decorative frosted window films also have a number of applications in commercial and business premises, allowing you to achieve both high levels of privacy and decoration. For example, decorative film is the ideal choice for enhancing the privacy of meeting or board rooms, it can add life and interest to plain glass partitions in open plan work spaces, and can also create an attractive focal point in reception and public areas.

A further benefit is that you can also have your company name or logo incorporated into your window film, meaning that your brand will be a feature on all your doors, in meeting and waiting areas, and throughout your business premises, creating a stylish personalised look, and all at a fraction of the cost of traditional etched glass.

Innovative Window Films are the Adelaide experts in decorative frosted window films. Come and visit our showroom in Cowandilla to discuss your needs, as we have a great range of decorative window films on display for you to choose from, or we can help you to create your own customised designs for use in either the home or office.