Home Window Tinting

Home window tints can improve your energy efficiency by up to 35%. This is because your windows are protected from the sun’s glare, so your home doesn’t take as long to cool down, meaning you can reduce your air conditioning use and your energy costs.

Window tinting at home also protects your furniture, curtains, paintwork and valuable artwork from fading, while also reducing the glare from the sun, which can be a nuisance when watching TV or working on a computer.
Although our window tints reflect the heat and give you more privacy, they still let in natural light, so you can continue to enjoy the view outside through your windows.

All of our home window tinting products come with a lifetime warranty.

The benefits of home window tinting include:

  • Protect Your Interior
  • Style and Privacy
  • Reduce Glare


We all know how brutal an Adelaide summer can be. Weeks of searing hot temperatures without a break and so your home never gets a chance to cool down. At these times of the year, it can feel as though you’re running your air conditioning day and night and there is no respite.

Unfortunately, despite the many advantages to living in Adelaide (recently voted ninth on Lonely Planet’s Top Cities of the World) we also rank highly in a number of other areas—most worryingly, South Australians pay a higher percentage of their income on energy costs than any other mainland state.

And while the classic Adelaide sandstone cottage with its all-round verandah, overhanging eaves and long central hallway might have been designed to cope with a pre-air conditioning world, contemporary homes are often not built in this way, and so the need for other means of protection from the heat and sun are necessary.

Window tinting can help to keep your home cooler

Window tinting is a way of effectively battling the heat of an Adelaide summer and keeping your energy costs as low as possible. Glass is an extremely effective conductor of heat and so unprotected windows with sunlight pouring in are one of the reasons home interiors become so hot and don’t cool down during extended periods of hot weather. However, window tinting can reduce both the direct sunlight and UV rays that your windows allow in, meaning that the amount of energy required to cool down your home, and keep it cool, is significantly reduced.

Window tints effectively act as a form of insulation and so you are more able to control the temperature in your home, which has a significant impact on your home energy efficiency. In turn, this could lead to substantial reductions in your home energy costs, as well as a decrease in your household emissions, meaning that you are having less environmental impact as well.

Protect your home interior

An additional bonus resulting from having the windows in your home tinted is that your furniture and household fittings are protected from the sun’s glare and so are not likely to fade as quickly. Sofas, curtains and carpets can all retain their original colours for longer if they are not always in the direct sunlight, and this is a further cost-efficiency that window tints offer the Adelaide homeowner. Furthermore, watching TV, working on a computer or using other electronic devices becomes easier, as sunlight and glare don’t reflect off of screens to the same extent if your windows are tinted.

Enhanced privacy

As well as improving the look and energy efficiency of your home, window tints will also increase your privacy while still allowing natural light into your home. And although tinting reduces the amount of direct sunlight and UV rays able to enter through your windows, it doesn’t in any way impede your ability to see out, and so you can still enjoy your view.

Comprehensive range of window tints

We are able to supply and install a comprehensive range of window tints to suit your needs, so come in and visit us to talk through the options. Whether you are looking for solar control window films, mirrored finish films, security window films or any other type of finish, we are able to supply and install the type of window tint to best address your needs.